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   This website was put together using various resources. The following information should help thoses that would like to use this page as a reference in school reports or other resources.  Below are the answers to some of the most common questions recieved.  This page will be updated now and then as new questions are asked.

Where did you find the information on this website? 

        Various types of resources. I basically went to my local Public Library and read newspapers and books related to the Gulf war.  If you need to do extensive research in this area for your report. I strongly suggest to goto the local Library and check the Special Edition of Time, US News and Reports, Newsweek that was published around the first week of March 1991.   You'll find that these publications will carry detailed information on why themilitary coalition was able to defeat the Republican Guards. 

Did you serve in the War? 


Why did the US goto war against IRAQ?

        I get at least 5 emails a day asking for the real reason we went to Iraq.  There are many possible reasons for this and YOU must form your own opinion, but I feel that one of the largest reasons was oil, and not letting Saddam control it.

Every effort has been made to give credit and copyright notice where it is due on any information used.  If you find missing or incorrect information please let us know.  All information included on this site is copyrighted to its rightful owner.