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Scott O'Hara

DOB:    3-31-81
Sex:    Male
Place of birth:  Ridgewood, NJ
Current Residence:  Hawthorne, NJ
Marital status:  Single


      I have been a New Jersey-boy all my life.  I now attend Saint Johns University in New York City full-time, studying Computer Science.
      In my free time, I enjoy working with computers.  But a lot of my time is spent following my favorite sports teams, the NY Mets and NY Rangers.  Whenever I'm not at a game I am usually hanging out with my friends and doing one thing or another:  mostly a normal life.  :)
     I began work on this site after losing contact with a pen-pal I had during Desert-Storm.  At the time, I enjoyed writing to him to break the tension I was sure he endured, and that is part of the motivation for this site: to educate, inform and enlighten, as well as provide a medium for discussion.
     While I don't know if I will have any military service in my future. Directly or indirectly I will always be connected to the military, either through my HS friends at the AF Academy, or through the friends I have made via this site.
     I would like to finish by thanking everyone who has made this possible.