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           The author, Rick Francona, has done a great job in taking a complex issue such as Iraqi affairs and crafted it into an informative and enjoyable book.
           Ally To Adversary is quite unique in the fact that it appeals to a variety of sectors of readers.  It will appeal to experts in Middle East politics for its unique insights into the history behind the war.  It will also appeal to veterans who can relate to the author`s experiences, and 'civilians', such as my self, will find it an informative resource to follow ongoing events, as well as a unique insight into the military world we rarely get to see.
           I believe that this book is a must-read for anyone that is interested in the politcal status of the Middle East leading up to the Gulf War.  It is a well-written chronicle which tells the story of Iraq/US relations from a true insiders perspective.  In reading the book I was intrigued by the true "human" touch the author imparted unto the events.
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A Must-Read

Ally to Adversary
Ally to Adversary - An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall From Grace
by Rick Francona
From secret meetings in Baghdad during the Iran-Iraq War, to cease-fire talks at a dusty airfield in southern Iraq in 1991, Ally to Adversary is the story of how Iraq, a virtual U.S. ally during its long war with Iran, came to be America's foe on the battlefields of Desert Storm.  While for most Americans, Desert Storm was simply a war against a faceless enemy, for Rick Francona it was a war against friends and former colleagues. 

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