Poetry by Freda H. Babinski

   I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a very special collection of poetry.  The book's are called "Heaven Sent" Vol.1 & 2. They contain the poems that can be found in the Desert-Storm.com Poetry Section and more. Vol.1 has 33 poems and Vol.2 has 20. The books are soft cover w/binding and very nice. Each one is personally signed by the author who makes them at home herself so they are inspected very carefully.
   One thing is certain.  This is some of the most heart-felt poetry I have ever read.  Here is a sample of Freda's poetic style:

                                                 " The Price They Will Pay " 

                                                  No more of the sand 
                                                  the heat and the wind 
                                                  Our Soldiers are home 
                                                  Desert Storm's at an end 
                                                  They're homecomings were 
                                                  so special to see 
                                                  This time it is different 
                                                  the way it should be 
                                                  Airports were filled 
                                                  with so many there 
                                                  To show all our soldiers 
                                                  just how much we care 
                                                  So yes it's all over 
                                                  for us left behind 
                                                  But it's never over 
                                                  in that soldier's mind 
                                                  The death and destruction 
                                                  each one had to view 
                                                  It's sad all the damage 
                                                  and pain they go through 
                                                  I cannot imagine 
                                                  how each one must feel 
                                                  Just having to go 
                                                  through such an ordeal 
                                                  Disruption of life 
                                                  and loneliness too 
                                                  Still doing the job 
                                                  they're sent there to do 
                                                  A smile on their face 
                                                  is what you will see 
                                                  Courageous are them 
                                                  with this memory 
                                                 The mind can't forget 
                                                  what hearts must endure 
                                                  For things such as this 
                                                  there isn't a cure 
                                                  It's harder for some 
                                                  they served in "Nam" too 
                                                  How much can they take 
                                                  in war number two 
                                                  So brave is the soldier 
                                                  that's hurting inside 
                                                  Emotions run deep 
                                                  because of their pride 
                                                  I'm sure there is someone 
                                                  you knew over there 
                                                  Remember them always 
                                                  in your special prayer 
                                                  They still fight a war 
                                                  that we'll never see 
                                                  These soldiers stand taller 
                                                  for you and for me 
                                                  Please pray that we keep 
                                                  the peace every day 
                                                  So soldiers don't suffer 
                                                  "The Price They Will Pay" 

                                                  © By: Freda H. Babinski 12-20-91 

     There are a variety of award winning poems, ranging from "War" to "Having Faith". The books are $7.00 ea. but this doesn't include shipping. Shipping is about $2.00 extra. 
     Another great piece of information about this collection and the author is that she does NOT keep the money and proceeds from the sale of her poetry.  She donates it the Epilepsy Foundation.  As Freda herself says. "I feel that God gave me this gift and to keep the money is just wrong."
     Reading these poems brought so many feelings forward into my mind and I am sure that anyone who reads this collection will surely be moved the same way I was.  Please support Freda and her cause by purchasing a copy of this collection from her.   It supports a great cause and you will be getting a great collection of poems to enjoy.  For purchase information please email  freda@desert-storm.com for more information.

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