The Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait:
An Eyewitness Account is proud to offer this item to our visitors.  It is a USAWC Experience Monograph created by LTC Fred L. Hart, Jr.
     This personal experience monograph (PEM) is based on the author's personal experience, first hand knowledge, and witnessing of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990. Assigned to Kuwait as an advisor to the Kuwaiti Land Forces on 1 August 1989, the author was involved in the events leading up, during, and after the invasion by Iraqi forces. This PEM provides an historical account of the experiences and actions taken by the United States Liaison Office Kuwait (USLOK), which was based out the American Embassy Kuwait. It also documents our beleaguered status in Kuwait and Baghdad, Iraq, from August 1990 to 10 December 1990.
     This particular item is a must-read, if you would like to get an inside account of the invasion from a first-person perspective.  It is a 56 page document, so it is not reproduced on this site, but is avaiable for download for viewing in your word processsor.

           The views expressed in this paper are those
           Of the author and do not necessarily reflect
           The views of the Department of Defense or any
           of its agencies. This document may not be
           released for open publication until it has 
           been cleared by the appropriate military
           service or government agency. 

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