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Reasonable Accommodations For Mentally Disabled Employees

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If you find that you are having difficulty with an employee or you are an employee who is having difficulty at work because of
your depression or other diagnosed mental problem, this publication will assist you in understanding mental disabilities, your
rights under the ADA (both employer and employee), and methods for working out reasonable accommodations to work out
any problems areas. The publication, Reasonable Accommodations for Mentally Disabled Employees, is available to you for a minimal fee. Read on if you are interested in a synopsis of mental disabilities, the ADA, or how to request reasonable
accommodation(s). This publication contains three parts and each is important to you in maintaining a good work environment.  

A note from the author (Tom Abel):  

"A recent AP article discussed the plight of the homeless and stated that a large majority were veterans.  A percentage
of these were Gulf War Veterans who were suffering from depression or other mental illness as a result of their service
and difficulty assemilating back into society.  Although I am not homeless, I am one of these suffering from major depression.  I have written a pamphlet called "Reasonable Accommodations for Mentally Disabled Employees" which is meant to aid those of us suffering from mental handicaps with their employment.  We are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and few know that.  I was amazed when I lost my job just how ignorant
employers, attorneys, and even the EEOC, is of this area of the ADA.  My publication will hit it right between the eyes and Gulf War Veterans who mention the link with will receive it at cost."  

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