Chat Area
#desert-storm (Starlink Network)

This is the area of our site that will let you communicate live with each other as well as us and our guests. has chosen to host its chat services via IRC (internet relay chat), a global network of chat servers.  This will provide reliable and easy to access chat service.
To access this chat you will need an IRC client.  We suggest mIRC.  It is avaiable at  After you download and install the latest version of this software, proceed to the next step.

After the program is running in the connect dialog box, select the Starlink (not StarlinkIRC) server that is geographically closest to you and then click connect.

Once you have connected type: /join #desert-storm

After that you will be in our channel!  Hopefully someone will be there to welcome you!

(this page will be updated soon, it is just a temporary notice to inform visitors of where our chat is)