Vet Pages Program now offers free homepages for veterans of Operation Desert Storm and the events surrounding it.  Please email to request a page or for more information. 

All sites on our server can have their own URL such as  All packages listed below are completely FREE and we can even make pages for anyone who needs one as time permits.  If you wish you can get an actual FTP account for you space for easier access, (for a one-time $15 dollar fee, [what it costs us]) or you can use the upload method provided via the WWW.

These programs are just general ideas for useage of the space.  They are not the only things that can be done. Each program has some services provided by us.  You may use the rest of your allocated space to post pages created by you or something else. 

Here is our current offering for the vetpages program: 

Soldiers of the Storm Package- 
          This project will be a site that we will host.  On it, in 
alphabetical order, you can obtain a listing of your name, a 
10 line biography and a picture(supplied by you).  These 
will all remain on the Soldiers of the Storm Site indefinetly. 
You can also have a link to your web page or the site of 
your choice. 

         This selection is free.  For more information contact 

Personal Web Page 
          Perfect for individual vet  who just want to own a piece of 
          the web.  This will include 5 pages (made by us) of 
          information (provided by you), images supplied by you or 
          our stock images, and hyperlinks to your favorite sites, or you 
          can just use the space on your own.. 

          Your completed page will be hosted at 

          This will include up to 10MB of storage space. 
          This can be used for unit/organizations sites also.  For example, 
          veterans groups or units.

          Please email if you are 
          interested. This is also free. 

 Availaibility of the program will be based on my free-time.  Also Participation in the program will be granted to those who willnot use the site for any wrongdoing or anything that is sex/warez, etc.Placement of our link banner or perhaps select advertisig will be required. 

 If you have special considerations or would like to customize a package to fit your needs just email and we will talk. 

Copyright 1997 by Scott O'Hara