We are pleased to announce the introduction of's online store in association with SoldierCity to provide our visitors with an oppurtunity to purchase a variety of�military and Desert-Storm related merchandise, directly from their home computers.� In exchange for choosing SoldierCity as its store provider SoldierCity has agreed to provide a portion of each sale initiated from this site to help pay for this server and help fund DS related charities. Please read a letter from Soldier City's owner, Roy Racer. 

 If you do decide to place an order SoldierCity has taken steps to ensure that your credit card information is secure, it is not stored on a computer connected to the Internet, also when this information is transmitted it is encrypted with SSL. SoldierCity uses a Digital Secure Server ID from VeriSign to provide you with the best possible protection on the Internet.� And if you do not wish to use your credit card over the Internet you may also call and place your order. 

 This is the page where we will feature several items which may be of interest to you.� However, if you follow the supplied link to their site any purchases you make will be credited to, not just purchases of the items here. We will add individual items here soon, but for now please visit Soldier City.�

Please follow this link to shop at Soldier City