15th Forward Support Battalion
Unit History

The 15th Forward Support Battalion is the most decorated active support battalion in the U.S. Army.  It was constituted on 23 March 1925, in the Regular
Army as the 1st Medical Squadron and was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division Campaign since.  The distinctive insignia, coat-of-arms, and motto "Standing By" were adopted in July 1928.  On 25 March 1949, it was designated as the 15th Medical Battalion.

On 1 May 1987, the 15th Medical Battalion was converted and designated the 15th Forward Support Battalion.

 With the activation of the 15th Forward Support Battalion, the "fuel, arm, and  fix forward" combat service support doctrine was incorporated.  The concept is  the linchpin that keeps combat units operating continuously on the Air-Land Battlefield.   The battalion is organized with a multifunctional staff, a headquarters detachment and three diversified company-sized units.  As an aggregate, the battalion provides responsive fuel, ammunition, food, medical support and maintenance assets to meet the needs of a combined arms brigade in combat or garrison.

In October 1990, the 15th Forward Support Battalion deployed to Southwest Asia in support of Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  15th FSB
provided critical logical support to the soldiers of the 2nd Blackjack Brigade Battle Task Force.  15th FSB also provided timely resupply of fuel and
ammunition which was critical to the Brigade's successful 300 kilometer advance in 24 hours into Southern Iraq.

In March 1999 the 15th FSB will deploy to Bosnia/Herzegovina on a peace keeping mission.