Air Force Units
deployed as part of
Operation Desert Shield/Storm


 1st Tactical Fighter Wing - F-15s   Langley AFB, VA

 4th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-15s   Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC

 10th Tactical Fighter Wing - A-10s  RAF Alconbury, U.K.

 20th Tactical Fighter Wing          RAF Heyford, U.K.

 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing - A-10s  England AFB, LA
 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing - F-15s  Eglin AFB, FL

 35th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-4s   George AFB, CA

 36th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-15s  Bitburg, Germany

 37th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-117s Nevada

 48th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-111FsRAF Lakenheath, U.K.

 50th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-16s  Hahn AFB, Germany

 52nd Tactical Fighter Wing - F-4s   Sprangdahlem, Germany

 347th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-16s Moody, GA

 354th Tactical Fighter Wing - A-10s Myrtle Beach, S.C.

 363rd Tactical Fighter Wing - F-16s Shaw AFB, S.C.

 388th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-16s Hill AFB, UT

 401st Tactical Fighter Wing - F-16s Torrejon AFB, Spain



 48th Tactical Fighter Wing - F-111s RAF Lakenheath, U.K.

 306th Strategic Air Wing - F-111s   Mildenhall, England

 93rd Bombardment Wing - B-52s       Castle AFB, CA

 42nd Bombardment Wing - B-52s       Loring AFB, ME

 379th Bombardment Wing              Wurtsmith AFB, MI



 552nd Air Warning Wing - E-3 AWACS  Tinker AFB, OK
 41st Electronic Combat Squadron     RAF Heyford, U.K.
 67th Tactical Recon Wing - RF-4s    Bergstrom AFB, TX
 507th Tactical Air Control Wing - OV-10 Shaw AFB, S.C.
 602nd Tactical Air Control Wing - A-10 Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

 366th Tact. Fighter Wing - EF-111  Mountain Home AFB, ID

 314th Tactical Airlift Wing - C-130 Little Rock AFB, AR

 317th Tactical Airlift Wing - C-130 Pope AFB, N.C.

 435th Tactical Airlift Wing - C-130 Rhein Main AFB, Germany

 9th Special Operations Squadron     Elgin AFB, FL

 55th Special Operations Squadron    Elgin AFB, FL

 146th Mobile Aerial                 Channel Islands, CA
 355th Equipment Maintenance Squadron    Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona
 836th Combat Support Group              Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona
 820 RED HORSE Squadron              Nellis AFB, Nevada
 823 RED HORSE Squadron              Hurlbert Field, Florida
 6th Airlift Squadron                McGuire AFB, NJ
 18th Airlift Squadron               McGuire AFB, NJ
 30th Airlift Squadron               McGuire AFB, NJ
 41st Air Refueling Squadron         Griffiss AFB, NY
 8th Air Support Operation Group     Stuttgart, Germany
 8th Air Support Operation Center Squadron     Stuttgart, Germany
 5th Combat Communication Group      Robins AFB, Georgia
 3rd Combat Communications Group     Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
 2nd Combat Communications Group     ???
 726th Tactical Control Squadron            Homestead AFB, FL
 376th Strategic Wing                Kadena AFB, Japan

Air Force
Guard and Reserve Units
in Operation Desert Shield/Storm


 176th Security Police Flight               Anchorage


 187th Security Police Flight               Montgomery

 440th Ordnance Battalion                   Ft. Rucker

 117 Tactical Recon Wing 					Birmingham

 161st Civil Engineering Squadron           Phoenix

 162nd Civil Engineering Squadron           Tucson

 162nd Air Refueling Group                  Phoenix

 944th Civil Engineering Squadron           Luke AFB

 944th Combat Support Squadron              Luke AFB

 97th Bomb Wing								Eaker AFB                         


 144th Civil Engineering Squadron           Fresno

 301st Military Airlift Squadron (C-5s)     Travis AFB

 312th Military Airlift Squadron (C-5s)     Travis AFB

 708th Military Airlift Squadron (C-141s)   Travis AFB

 445th Military Airlift Wing                Travis AFB

 445th Civil Engineering Squadron           Mather AFB

 42nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron          Norton AFB

 336th AREFS                                March AFB

 940th Civil Engineering Squadron           Mather AFB

 452nd Civil Engineering Squadron           March AFB

 349th Civil Engineering Squadron           Travis AFB

 452nd Security Police Flt.                 March AFB

 452nd USAF Clinic                          March AFB

 730th Military Airlift Squadron            Norton AFB

 234th Combat Communications Squadron       Haywood

 162nd Combat Communications Squadron       North Highland

 149th Combat Communications Squadron       North Highland

 65th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron		Travis AFB 


 140th Security Police Flt.                 Denver


 103rd Security Police Squadron             Bradley ANGB


 326th Military Airlift Squadron (C-5s)     Dover AFB

 709th Military Airlift Squadron (C-5s)     Dover AFB

 512th Military Airlift Wing                Dover AFB

 512th Civil Engineering Squadron           Dover AFB

 46th Aerial Port Squadron                  Dover AFB
 436th Aerial Port Squadron                 Dover AFB


 290th Joint Chief of Staff Squadron        Tampa

 125th Civil Engineering Squadron           Jacksonville

 37th Aeromedical Evac Group                MacDill AFB

 919th Security Police Squadron             Elgin AFB

 919th Special Operations Group             Duke Field AFS
 114 Combat Communications                  ---
 726th Tactical Control Squadron            Homestead AFB


 224th Joint Chief of Staff Squadron        Brunswick


 124th Services Flight                      Boise


 132nd Civil Engineering Squadron           Des Moines

 185th Civil Engineering Squadron           Sioux City


 126th Air Refueling Wing                   Chicago

 932nd Civil Engineering Squadron           Scott AFB

 182nd Tactical Air Support Group           Peoria

 183rd Tactical Air Support Group           Springfield
 7/158 Aviation Combat Support              Belleville

 122nd Security Police Flt.                 Fort Wayne

 181st Tac Clinic                           Terre Haute

 72nd Air Refueling Group                   Grissom AFB


 190th Air Refueling Group                  Topeka

 184th Tactical Clinic                      McConnell AFB


 926th Tactical Fighter Group (A-10s)       New Orleans


 102nd Civil Engineering Squadron           Otis

 337th Military Airlift Squadron (C-5s)     Westover AFB

 439th Security Police Squadron             Westover AFB

 439th Combat Support Group                 Westover AFB

 439th MAW                                  Westover AFB
 439th Civil Engineering Squadron/Fire Dept Westover AFB


 135th Civil Engineering Squadron           Baltimore

 135th Mobile Aerial Port Flt.              Baltimore

 756th Military Airlift Squadron (C-141s)   Andrews AFB

 175th Security Police Flight               Baltimore


 101st Air Refueling Wing                   Bangor


 127th Security Police Flt.                 Selfridge

 110th Civil Engineering Squadron           Battle Creek

 191st Civil Engineering Squadron           Selfridge

 927th Tactical Airlift Group               Selfridge


 148th Civil Engineering Squadron           Duluth

 109th Aeromed Evac Flt.                    Minneapolis

 131st Security Police Flt.                 St. Louis

 139th Tactical Airlift Group               St. Joseph


 183rd Military Airlift Squadron            Jackson

 186th Security Police Flt.                 Meridan

 193rd Aeromed Evac Flt.                    Jackson


 120th Civil Engineering Squadron           Great Falls

 120th Tactical Clinic                      Great Falls


 922nd Civil Engineering Squadron           Offutt AFB

554th Security Support Squadron            Nellis AFB
                        North Carolina

 263rd Combat Command Squadron              Badin

 156th Aeromed Evac Flt.                    Charlotte

 916th Air Refueling Group                  Seymour Johnson

 916th Civil Engineering Squadron           Seymour Johnson

 915th Civil Engineering Squadron           Pope

 916th USAF Clinic                          Seymour Johnson

                        North Dakota

 119th Civil Engineering Squadron           Fargo

                        New Hampshire
 157th Air Refueling Group                  Portsmouth

                         New Jersey

 177th Civil Engineering                   Atlantic City

 170th Air Refueling Group                  Bordentown

 702nd Military Airlift Squadron            McGuire AFB

 732nd Military Airlift Squadron (C-141s)   McGuire AFB

 335th Military Airlift Squadron (C-141s)   McGuire AFB

 514th Military Airlift Wing                McGuire AFB

 35th Aerial Port Squadron                  McGuire AFB
                         New Mexico

 150th Security Police Flt.                 Albuquerque

 152nd Tactical Recon Group (RF-4Cs)        Reno

                         New York
 137th Military Airlift Squadron            Stewart

 174th Tactical Fighter Wing (F-16s)        Syracuse

 174th Services Flight                      Syracuse

 107th Civil Engineering Squadron           Niagara Falls

 109th Civil Engineering Squadron           Schenectady

 139th Aeromed Evac Flt.                    Schenectady

 933rd Civil Engineering Squadron           Griffiss AFB

 34th Aeromedical Staging Squadron          Roslyn

 914th Tactical Airlift Group               Niagara Falls

 1941st Civil Engineering Squadron          Niagara Falls
 23rd Aeromedical Patient Staging Squadron  Griffiss AFB


 121st Security Police Flt.                 Columbus

 178th Civil Engineering Squadron           Springfield

 180th Civil Engineering Squadron           Toledo

 160th Air Refueling Group                  Columbus

 76th Aerial Port Squadron                  Youngstown


 137th Civil Engineering Squadron           Oklahoma City

 138th Civil Engineering Squadron           Tulsa

 137th Aeromed Evac Flt.                    Oklahoma City

 72nd Aerial Port Squadron                  Tinker AFB

 142nd Civil Engineering Squadron           Portland


 112th Security Police Flt.                 Pittsburgh

 171st Air Refueling Wing                   Pittsburgh

 913th Medical Squadron                     Willow Grove

 92nd Aerial Port Squadron                  Wyoming Valley

                         Puerto Rico

 156th Security Police Flt.                 Puerto Rico Int'l
                        Rhode Island

 282nd Combat Command Squadron              Coventry

                       South Carolina

 169th Tactical Fighter Group              Columbia

 240th Combat Command Squadron              Easton

 169th Services Flight                      Columbia

 701st Military Airlift Squadron (C-141s)   Charleston

 315th Military Airlift Wing                Charleston

 38th Aerial Port Squadron                  Charleston

 315th Civil Engineering Squadron           Charleston

                        South Dakota

 114th Security Police Flt.                 Sioux Falls


 164th Mobile Aerial Port Squadron          Memphis

 164th Civil Engineering Squadron           Memphis

 134th Air Refueling Group                  Knoxville

 18th Aeromed Evac Flt.                     Nashville


 136th Mobile Aerial Port Squadron          Dallas

 136th Tactical Airlift Wing                Dallas

 149th Security Police Flt.                 Kelly AFB

 149th Tactical Clinic                      Kelly AFB

 147th Civil Engineering Squadron           Houston

 301st Civil Engineering Squadron           Carswell AFB

 68th Military Airlift Squadron             Kelly AFB
 AFWIC                                      San Antonio
 6948 Electronic Security Squadron          Kelly AFB
 59th Medical Wing                          Lackland, AFB


 151st Civil Engineering Squadron           Salt Lake City

 151st Air Refueling Group                  Salt Lake City

 419th Civil Engineering Squadron           Hill AFB


 158th Civil Engineering Squadron           Burlington


 909th Civil Engineering Squadron           Langley AFB

 141st Air Refueling Wing                   Spokane

 97th Military Airlift Squadron (C-141s)    McChord AFB

 446th Military Airlift Wing                McChord AFB

 446th Civil Engineering Squadron           McChord AFB

 36th Aerial Port Squadron                  McChord AFB


 128th Air Refueling Group                  Milwaukee

                        West Virginia

 130th Tactical Airlift Group               Charleston

 167th Aeromed Evac Flt.                    Martinsburg

 167th Civil Engineering Squadron           Martinsburg


 187th Aeromed Evac. Flt.                   Cheyenne