Support our troops with "ANY SOLDIER"
letters and Care Packages
   "Any Servicemember" Currently Serving in the Gulf

They have gotten the address for the troops currently serving in Kuwait. There are 4,500 of them that are deployed from Ft. Hood. As the holidays approach, they will certainly be thankful for care packages and encouraging, supportive letters from home. Given the desert climate and terrain, not to mention
the distance from families and home, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will not feel much like holidays. Any supportive efforts sent their way will doubtlessly be greatly appreciated. The address is:

Any Soldier
Task Force 1/9 CAV
Intrinsic Action 96-3
APO AE 09889

You can also, if you wish, address your "Any Soldier" package. It will go to a deserving US soldier sacrificing yet another yearís holidays for his or her country. 

You can also address your care package or letter to "Any FEMALE soldier." This was done during the 1991 Persian Gulf War by thoughtful US citizens to ensure that the particular needs of our female soldiers, sailors, and marines were being met. Items that were especially appreciated were feminine
hygiene items, over-the-counter remedies for menstrual cramping, and other items of a specifically feminine nature that can be especially difficult to get while deployed overseas.

If youíre wondering what to send, and want to send something that will be especially appreciated, try any of these suggestions: 

Non-perishable snacks. Edible spreads and dips, like heez-wiz, Salsa, etc. really help to beat the blandness of packaged rations.

Shaving and hygiene items, especially travel size for rucksacks. Shampoo can be an especially desireable commodity. Small plastic containers and Zip-lock baggies are also nice to have.

Pantyhose (for keeping sand and dust out of weapons while still being able to fire them!).

Toothbrushes, shaving brushes, and other brushes for cleaning and maintaining weapons and precision equipment.

Clean rags/cloth, also for cleaning.

Books and magazines (we warned: host governments didnít allow risque materials in 1991).

Playing cards or other card games or small pocket games. Hacky-sacks were often greatly appreciated by those that had them in í91.
Personal letters with photographs of your own family, snow, etc.

Newspapers and news clippings, especially regional and local news for area soldiers, and comics, sports pages, etc. for entertainment relief.

Wrapped hard candy, especially good for keeping thirst away.

Powdered drinks. Soldiers already have cocoa in their ration packages (MREs), so a better choices include Gatorade and other sports drinks, Kool-Aid, etc. The larger packages are perfect for mixing with the bottled water that our Gulf troops are drinking.

US flags of any size!

As an aside for those of you that didnít realize it, the Persian Gulf War of 1991 has had no official closing date. Until that happens, the United States is still at war with Husseinís government of Iraq! 

Letís put our efforts into supporting our soldiers in the Gulf  so that these guys and gals can have a bit of home for the holidays. Let them know that WE CARE!


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