To those of you who are serious about helping Gulf War veterans and their families, please participate in this effort to extract a response and action in your area! 

     The following is a form letter to be retyped and sent Certified Return Receipt or emailed to your Senator, Congressional Representative, News director for local T.V., Program director for local radio, or editor for local newspaper or magazine. 

     Please take the time to retype and personalize this letter. You must be willing to follow through with the points mentioned in the letter in order that it be effective! Our purpose is to get the powers that be into stating their position on the issues that are addressed in the letter. Remember... it must be sent certified return receipt(or they can say they never received it!) You can use the form of this letter to address any issue that you like, but be sure to let them know that you intend to use their action or inaction as indication of their stand on the issue in question. 

     We believe that by using this technique in corresponding with these people, we can get them into responding publicly to issues they have ignored for too long. Be prepared to follow through by posting thier response on FAX-trees, the Internet, posters, flyers and advertisements! Your efforts will be meaningless otherwise! 

     Let's get busy!!! 

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(Rep., Senator or Media) 

     The existence of the Gulf War Illness has been debated and to date, the official government position is that the illnesses reported by the majority of the vets are stress related. The argument regarding the exposure of our troops to chemical weapons rages on and the issue of biological exposure has yet to be openly addressed. Thousands of our vets are sick and many have already died. It is a communicable illness. This situation demands an immediate response. 

     In 1994, Sen. Donald Riegle came forward with the following information through a national press release and Senate Report 103-900 in which stated: 
     1) Chemical and biological weapons were used in the Gulf War 
         and our troops were exposed to these deadly agents. 
     2) Our troops are sick and dying. 
     3) 76% of the troops interviewed by Riegle's committee have 
         reported passing the disease to at least one other person. 
         (The disease is communicable.) 
     4) The Dept. of Commerce and the CDC had full knowledge of 
          the transfer of deadly biological agents to Iraq in direct 
          violation of the Geneva Convention and International Law. 

     Members of the Senate in 1994 and the media had access to this information and have remained silent. Many veterans have died and their families destroyed for the lack of action that should have been immediate. Therefore, please respond to these questions Specifically. 

     1) Subsequent to the release of Sen. Riegle's report on May 
         25th, 1994, and the news release of Feb. 9th, 1994, what 
         actions have you taken to inform the American people 
         and its veterans of this communicable disease and to protect 
         our nations blood supply? 

     2)What actions are you Now taking to help our veterans with 
        obtaining real treatment for their ailments? 

     3)What actions are you taking to eliminate USC Title 50, 
         chapter 32, sec. 1520, which allows the testing of deadly 
         chemical and biological agents on the American people 
         without their consent or knowledge? 
In the past, inquiries of this type were answered with form letters. That kind of response to issues of this magnitude is both insensitive and callous. Your failure to respond to this letter will indicate that you support the suppression of this vital information and the spread 
of this contagious disease and that you are an active participant in this conspiracy of silence. 
     Please know that the action (or inaction) that you take on this issue will be published along with your picture (when available) via newsletters, flyers, posters, advertisements, FAX-trees and the Internet. The cover-up of this information is an obvious threat to 
our national security! 

                            Eagerly awaiting you reply, 

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Below is a standard form letter you can use to email or snail mail your Senator & State Representative. 
You may save this page to disk and have these prepped letters handy for future use. 

(your name) 
(city, state, zip) 

     Dear (State Rep or Senators name), 

     After reviewing some laws on the books I would like them removed. They are: 

     USC Title 50, Chapt.32, 1520-"Use of human subjects for testing 
     of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense". 

     USC Title 50, Chapt.32, 1524-"Agreements to provide support to 
     vaccination programs of Department of Health and Humans 

     I would like these removed in total. If there is a problem I wish to refer you to SR 103-97, the "Rockefeller Report", viewable at ( 

     As a concerned individual I feel this is the right thing to do. 
     (your name) 
     (your email/optional) 

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