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 "Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?"
by Molly
No one paid attention
or tried to understand, 
the tensions in the Middle East
that would soon be here at hand.
We lived our lives so selfishly,
thinking seldom of the plight;
as time ran out and deadlines came...
so went that final night. 
As the world stopped for one long moment
and the cries of war began; 
we turned to God for mercy-
together we tried to understand. 
Operation Desert Shield;
the semblance to the Storm;
the six o'clock news began a legacy,
and a nation began to mourn.
"We've exhausted every means at our disposal...
and the time to end sanctions is now at hand."
So rang the headlines in the papers telling us
The liberation of Kuwait has begun." 
Now where have all our heroes gone;
all our gallant and our strong?
Are they manning round-the-clock Patriot's
as scuds descend onto Riyadh?
We've heard the air raid sirens
beckon refuge from the storm,
and we've been shown the devastation
of chemicals used in war.
We've seen the onslaught onto Baghdad,
and grieved for our prisoners of war;
we've lost hope in Resolution 660
as the Soviets failed to reach peace once more.
Now the coalition forces
General Schwarzkopf and George Bush
must lead our troops to combat
against Suddam's Republican Guard.
Through the fragments and the rubble
our heroes will attack;
marching headstrong, armed with righteousness
Gods love will bring them back.
"There is no path except the path we've chosen..."
is what Suddam had once said;
but what will he be thinking
as his reign comes to and end?
So this is for those who protect us,
all our brave and our strong...
for those who give their lives for freedom;
we armor you with honor and courage and love.
This is a small token,
to carry in your hearts;
an expression of my gratitude,
a gift of love and support.
This is my small "Thank you"
for the freedom I have today;
and my strength and pride go with you,
whether near or far away.
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